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Glimpses includes stories that capture the imagination and lead you down the dark path to such places like the end of the world, or in a small boat on the ocean during the storm, or to a disturbed teens house on Halloween. These and several others grace the pages of this anthology. Sit back and enjoy if you dare. 

Some of the titles included in Glimpses are Armageddon, Nightmares, Abyss, Understudy and Grayson House!  This collection also includes short stories that are not available anywhere else!









The Raising





The Raising

What would you do to bring your soul mate back from the dead?  Would you give up your soul? Your talents? Your life?

Dr. Holly Robbins lost her husband to a stray bullet and now she has another patient on the brink between life and death. A patient whose mother offers a unique opportunity, but only if Holly can save her son.