The Paradox Files

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Book 1


Silencing the Siren - The Parodox Files Book 1

A protector. A lost soul. A siren looking for salvation.


Kylee Paradox never expected to be a protector of human kind, but when hell’s portals opened and let loose the creatures of the underworld, she can’t see any other way.


Armed with an ultimatum, Kylee has no choice but to embrace her new position as bounty hunter of the damned. Sending these monsters back to purgatory became her life’s mission.


The only glitches in an otherwise noble pursuit are those who hold her fate in their hands forbid her from using her deadly siren song to lure the beasts back to the pit.


 If she harms even a single innocent soul in her quest, Kylee herself will become one of the hunted.





Book 2



Waking the Siren - The Parodox Files Book 2


Kylee has another mission and a new ally, but will it be enough to battle the desert heat?


Virtue and devotion.

Who would have thought those two qualities could get you killed? When a bicorn starts terrorizing Las Vegas, that’s exactly what this murdering beast targets.

Kylee Paradox is given the mission to bring this monstrosity to justice, but the desert does not bode well for a siren. In fact, it could be just as deadly as the monster she is hunting.








Book 3



Hunting the Siren - The Parodox Files Book 3

In the aftermath of the devastation in Las Vegas, Kylee Paradox has no choice but to run.

Her siren caused innocent lives to be lost, and now Fate is bound to carry out the punishment for breaking her contract.

If Fate catches her before she can find a loop hole, Kylee will be on a one way train to a tortured eternity in the fiery pits of hell.