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Book One




In the eyes of the werewolf council, Alessandra Tate and Hunter Blaez committed the ultimate sin. Humans were killed at the hands of a werewolf, and the price for taking a human life is death. 

After being on the run for three months, Alessandra’s nightmares are still plagued with the acts of that evening. Never again will she trust a man to get close enough to betray her, even Hunter Blaez, her beta wolf and protector. 

Hunter has other ideas. He has been in love with Alessandra for years but all she ever saw was her second in command. Even rescuing her from certain death and following her into damnation wasn’t enough for her to see him as a man. 


When the council catches Hunter, Alessandra must choose between surviving without him, or risking her life to save the man she truly loves.  


Former titles Harvest Moon and Blood Moon have been combined into Wolf Moon.  





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