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Red: A Fractured Fairy Tale



RED A Fractured Fairy Tale

What happens when a werewolf hunter falls for her prey?

Red Locklear regularly hunts all manner of woodland prey, but her favorite kill is the beast that tore her parents apart when she was a little girl.

The werewolf.

Now that Red is all grown up, these horrid creatures are terrorizing Dakota Territory once again. As a member of the elite Dakota Guard, Red has a duty to extinguish the life of every last wolf she sees. Failing to do so is a death sentence. 

When her grandmother doesn’t come back from a foraging run, Red dons her quiver of silver arrows and breaks town law, heading into the forest after sunset to search for her.

The dark woods test her hunting skills as well as her loyalty to the Dakota Guard, and she’s left wondering if there is any way out of this alive.


Fans of Once Upon a Time and Grimm will devour RED.





Cinder: A Fractured Fairy Tale


 CINDER A Fractured Fairy Tale

Elle must escape a life of despair to find magic in a Prince’s arms.


Elle Seeley’s world turns upside down when her mother passes unexpectedly. Her father brings her into his business, teaching her the art of negotiation in the marketplace and how to defend herself against attack.  

All his training and grooming comes to a halt when he brings home a new wife and the woman’s daughter. Elle’s father makes her promise to listen and obey.  

The minute her father leaves, her new step-mother transforms into a monster with one goal—to humiliate Elle into submission.  

When news of a ball is announced, Elle wants to escape her mentally unstable captor, but she is forbidden to go.   

Will Elle find a way to escape a life meant only for despair?








Brave: A Fractured Fairy Tale



BRAVE A Fractured Fairy Tale

An ultimatum. A curse. A forbidden love.

May Stewart’s father, King James VII, demands she choose a husband within a fortnight. The list of approved suitors leaves her uninspired at the courtship festivities until fate intervenes, and an uninvited stranger sparks her interest.

Unfortunately, even uttering sexy Aiden MacMahon’s surname is a capital offense, for it whispers of a dark curse that dictates the daylight belongs to the beast on their family crest.

The MacMahon name is not a choice the king will allow for May, but she cannot deny the connection she has with Aiden.

When May discovers her own secret lineage holds the key to reversing the MacMahon curse, her choice of suitor becomes so much more than just a marriage match. 

But choosing Aiden MacMahon could lead them both into death’s cold embrace.







Tangled: A Fractured Fairy Tale




TANGLED A Fractured Fairy Tale

How dark is obsession?


Imprisoned in a tower from the time she was old enough to walk, Danae longs to experience more than just what is within her ornate cage. But her mother insists the world is just too dangerous for a precious light-bringer.

When Danae encounters a disgraced dark-bringer, their combined power lights a fire within her soul, illuminating the tangled web of lies her captor has spun.

 Danae learns that while her magic can renew hearts and heal wounds, it cannot erase the ultimate betrayal.






Frozen: A Fractured Fairy Tale



FROZEN: A Fractured Fairy Tale

Will the ice queen keep her royal station, or will the fight for the throne end in a bloody battle?


Elsa must marry before midnight of her twenty-fifth year or lose her kingdom. The only problem is that no man in Bryggen can be near her without getting frostbite.

Kyle Bryggen, the founder of the kingdom Elsa rules, has been in hibernation for two hundred years, and now he is awake and wants his kingdom back.

They could be a match carved in ice, except every time they meet, they want to kill each other.

When a diabolical senator manipulates the law to his own purpose, Elsa must choose between the lesser of two nightmares.

One will lead to the ruin of her kingdom, and the other will lead to her death.








Snow: A Fractured Fairy Tale

Spindle: A Fractured Fairy Tale

Belle: A Fractured Fairy Tale

Robyn: A Fractured Fairy Tale